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About School Management System

School Management Software for school ,college and coaching.


School Web Innovation Education is the one stop solution for any type of educational institutes to automate data management process. Whether you are looking for the best school ERP software for school, college or coaching institute, the dedicated and experienced team at ZeroERP knows well how to stand on the expectations of their clients and therefore, develops a user-friendly and secure school rep.

Manually written data which are prone to numerous errors has arisen the need to adopt the automated and cloud-based school management software for educational institutes. School ERP offered at ZeroERP ensures that all information needs to be stored electronically and school management system is a trouble-free process.

Along with school management software, it provides a school app with the multilingual environment with current support for English languages.

Key Feature of School Management System

  • UDice reports
  • School bell
  • Announcement by Speaker
  • School and Classes Information Management
  • Fee Related Masters Management
  • Students personal and in school information Management
  • Student’s admission, upgrade and leaving information Management
  • Fee Status and submit information Management
  • Student Report Card
  • School transportation System
  • Daily expanses and day book
  • Employee Leave and salary Management
  • Messaging to students and parents
  • Custom Reports

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